We Are Theory

Hello, and welcome to Theory.

We are a boutique, creative, media, communication and design agency - with a collective focus on youth advertising and marketing. The youth market keeps us sharp and strong, as this is an ever-evolving demo that is always up on the newest trends and technologies. Being a leader in this segment has given our clients great advantages in reaching prime targeted cynical consumers.

Now the title of a “boutique agency” may come with some small stigmas of being very niched and not capable of running with the big dogs. But we love that assumption and use the “boutique” title as our competitive advantage. Why? Well, we don’t want to give our secrets away.

Theory is unique in the respect that we have grown from very humble beginnings all the way up to working daily for Fortune 50 companies and clients. Our resolve stems from helping our clients drive transactions through the development of keen cross-channel strategies, all while by providing them with the fortitude to win the day-to-day battles for "hearts and minds." We do all of that with the “small” boutique swagger that is engrained in the culture of Theory with that “no job too hard” mentality and service that won’t be found anywhere.

Do or die, we will get it done, and done right - and have now each and every day for many many years. We’re constantly making our clients look amazing and over delivering along the way. That’s the Theory way!

How do we do this? We start with the intangible, the complex, and the seemingly unachievable. Then we creatively mold that into the real, the easy to understand, and the attainable. Bottom line – we give real results that real live people can understand. And more than that, we put big fat smiles on both our clients and consumers faces. Yeah, you can say we’re a smile factory!

Since 2005 we have assisted some of the world’s largest brands in accomplishing their objectives, not because we’ve had the talent and tireless work ethic to do it, but because we know that regardless of the size or scope of a project, nothing gets done without taking care of people first. And it is our genuine love of fulfilling our clients' needs and making them happy, day in and day out, which drives us. 

We are people-focused, service-geared brand aficionados fueled by a fiercely committed and independent spirit.

We are Theory.

We Help
Fortune 100
Brands Win
The Battle
For Hearts
And Minds.