Our Roots

Our Roots

In life, it’s rare when an individual gets to work on what they eat, sleep, dream and genuinely burn for. And even more so when that work entails spending whole days creating incredibly cool stuff on behalf of their favorite brands. Theory thrives on developing custom campaigns and content for brands that we, ourselves, are customers of—and were long before the notion of starting an agency. And it’s not happenstance that’s gotten us here.

For well over a decade prior to the inception of Theory Communication & Design in 2005, Theory Founder and President, Andy Williamson, was deeply immersed in the subculture of the youth automotive and action sports worlds. Spending every waking moment entrenched in the auto enthusiast scene, attending grassroots shows, and networking with likeminded youth; it wasn’t long before Andy astutely identified a clear void in the marketplace.

Manufacturers weren’t making the right products—they weren’t plugged into youth culture, and certainly weren’t speaking the language of this rapidly emerging, underground movement. Rather than sit idle and wait for it to happen, Andy took his deep knowledge of the marketplace to the print world, and got his first big opportunity with Rodney Wills and TMR Magazine, a trailblazing publication dedicated to the youth culture and Sport Compact Market.

After absorbing the TMR lifestyle for a time, Andy then made his way to Buckaroo Communications where he worked side by side with automotive media mogul, John Dianna, on HCI Magazine, where he became Executive Editor and was fundamental in the shaping of HCI into a credible source for the youth automotive marketplace. He was also involved in the creation and successful launch of, “B-Scene,” a well-received Youth Automotive Car Show book. Based on his track record and rapidly ascending trajectory in the space, Andy soon felt the time was right to strike out and develop his own title.

He went on to work alongside Allison Lopez of Speedlife Inc./Toucan Industries where he conceived and produced, C16, a first of its kind magazine dedicated entirely to the youth automotive culture and lifestyle. For three years, under Andy’s stewardship, C16 cultivated a steadfast readership—eager for its eclectic, cross-cultural mix of automotive features, event coverage and wide array of content that spanned the arts, fashion, technology, gaming and beyond. A seminal publication in the industry, C16 made an immediate impact and challenged many of the “big” automotive publishers, making them rethink their content strategies, seemingly overnight. With industry insiders and heavyweights abuzz and regularly citing C16 as the “it” book that captured a movement—it counted numerous tastemakers from the automotive community and beyond amongst its supporters.

In 2005, C16 was sold to Overamerica Media Group in Hollywood, Calif. This blessing in disguise would eventually push Andy to begin channeling his efforts into the creation of Theory Communication & Design. Theory would become an umbrella under which Andy could creatively combine his media and industry contacts and begin assisting clients with marketing strategies, public relations, design and advertising needs.

Seven great years and a wealth of experience later, Theory Communication & Design has risen to become a clear-cut leader in the youth marketing and advertising space. We are privileged to work alongside some of our favorite brands (which just so happen to be some of the largest consumer brands in the world) on phenomenal campaigns and marketing initiatives. And not a day goes by that we aren’t ecstatic to provide them the creative fuel that connects them with the youth of America and beyond.